The Enkrateion

My religion is to live – and die – without regret.


Enkrateia (Greek ἐγκράτεια, “in power – from ἐν (en, “in”) + κράτος (krátos, “power”). Enkrateiacomes from the adjective enkratês (ἐγκρατής from ἐν (en, “in”) which means possession, power over something or someone else + κράτος (krátos, “power”)). It results in the meaning of power over yourself, power over your own passions and instincts, self-control and self-mastery.

If we hope to have any measure of peace and happiness in this life, it is imperative that we begin to master ourselves.

Guerilla Mindfulness

How can we take control of what we do not yet know? Without being aware of the qualities of our actions, speech and thoughts, the goal of ekrateia will forever be out of our reach.

The (Not-So) Secret Keys to Life

You may not have realized it, but the secret to living a life without regret has been stating you straight in the eye since the day you were born.

The Power of Generosity

In contemporary, Western culture it is quite common to doing an emphasis on gratitude in spiritual circles. In my experience, however, there is a death of teachings about the importance and power of generosity.

Cultivating a Foundation of Virtue

One of the key ways in which the Buddha explained the practice of virtue (silā) was in its ability to allow us to live free of free and regret and full of confidence.

Contemplative Practices

Although I am not a meditation teacher, I have a lifetime of experience in meditative and contemplative disciplines and practices. As such, I can point you to resources and techniques that will help you develop the calm and clarity needed to pursue your goals.

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