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Mike in Manhattan

About me

I’m a quickly aging father of three and husband of one trying to live my life without regret.

I have been a seriously practicing Buddhist for over 15 years in the Thai Forest lineages of Thanissaro Bhikkhu and Ajahn Achalo.

In addition to my Dharma practice, I have had a lifelong interest in philosophy which resulted in my having pursued and completed my BA in Philosophy. However, as I began to practice Buddhism in my late twenties my philosophical interests shifted from epistemological concerns (i.e., Enlightenment and post-Enlightenment Western Continental philosophy) to the more praxis-oriented philosophies of Greco-Roman antiquity.

In my professional life, I am the co-owner of a NYC-based manufacturing company that produces and markets cut vinyl films and automotive accessories. I have had the good fortune to have an excellent partner with whom I have grown the company to employ over two dozen people in the Five Boros.


What You Do

I hope to share with you the teachings and practices shared with me and that I have used to create a life with fewer regrets and more meaning.

My own approach is informed primarily by Theravada Buddhism and Greco-Roman philosophical doctrine and traditions. As such, the concept of God (with a capital “G”) doesn’t loom large in the wisdom teachings presented here. This doesn’t mean, however, that there isn’t room for your belief in a Creator; instead it just means that the work you will be doing is primarily done under your own power. Whether that takes you closer to God or to whatever other goal you have formulated is up to you.